Paradeep Port Beach,Kendrapara ,CUTTACK

On the confluence of the river Mahanadi and the Bay of Bengal, Paradeep is a beautiful beach. The beach is famous for its clear blue water, green forest, stones along side the beach, a good marine drive and the biggest port. Visitor can spend some hours by frolicking in the lovely indigo water. The scenic location of the beach gives an ideal destination for tour. Paradeep Beach is at a distance of 94-km from Cuttack and 125 km from Temple city Bhubaneswar. The best time to visit here is during the month of November to March. In Paradeep you can accommodate yourself in Budget hotels or in Lodges otherwise you can stay in Bhubaneswar or Cuttack and take a trip to here. A major port of Odisha, Paradeep also boasts of a fine beach where visitors can easily spend a couple of hours soaking in the sun or frolicking in the lovely blue waters. Is the vast and is invitingly calm and serene. The blue water playing with the golden sands of the beach of Orissa is a sight worth a watch. As the evening sets in locales come out to the beach for some fresh air. This Orissa beach is famous for temple 'Tulasi Kshetra'. This temple is dedicated to Lord Baladeva. To experience something that you always suspire for, visit the magical beaches of Orissa. The beaches of Odisha are the best place to go for relaxation. The amazing sight of setting sun, sound of playing waves and breath of fresh air, will take you into a world of calm. The Paradeep beach is among Odisha’s premier tourist destinations, and is located in a region that is lush with historically significant cultural and tourism sites. This beach can be visited throughout the year. However the best time to visit the beach is around October.